MAOCAT Shows Disruptive Potential Amid Surprising Presale Gains of Over $300,000

Hong Kong, 29th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, MAOCAT, a memecoin project built on Ethereum, has made a staggering start to its 10-stage $MAO token presale, raising over $ 300,000. This impressive figure, equivalent to around $115 ETH, has the potential to turn MAOCAT into a standout project in the memecoin niche, promising exciting returns for early investors.

MAOCAT has a simple but effective tokenomics system, allocating 60% of the 5 billion $MAO token supply for the presale. The remaining 40% will go toward expanding the project into a lucrative DeFi ecosystem with numerous growth opportunities. MAO holders will not have to pay BUY or SELL fees when engaging in transactions within this ecosystem. Instead, they will have to pay an 8% fee, divided as follows:

  • 3% toward marketing purposes
  • 3% to the liquidity pool
  • 2% for development purposes

The team announced that all the unsold tokens would be burnt at the end of the presale. This event will reduce the amount of MAO tokens, potentially increasing its value. Early adopters can buy the memecoin at a discounted price the earlier they join the presale.

Interested buyers can join the presale for $MAO tokens here. The event ends in nearly one month and a half, with the 10 phases incrementing the token’s presale price.

Following the token’s official launch, MAO holders will gain numerous advantages. These include exclusive access to staking rewards, participation rights in the governance structure, and NFT token compensation.

MAOCAT will officially launch after the presale ends. Next, the team will continue developing the project according to its goal-laden roadmap. Future steps include launching staking opportunities and a growing liquidity pool with memecoin farming. 

Later, the $MAO token should reach the major crypto exchanges, increasing its availability for a growing, loyal community. This will allow the team to focus on the project’s two standout features, a play-to-earn game and an NFT collection. The latter will feature 10,000 unique MAOCAT NFTs that holders can use within the P2E game and for staking purposes on the platform.


MAOCAT, the ‘first memecoin cat on Ethereum,’ aims to disrupt the memecoin sector, which is predominantly dog and frog-themed. The project’s choice of the cat as its symbol, the highest-trending animal-themed meme on Google, sets it apart. However, it’s the ambitious roadmap and unique features that truly distinguish MAOCAT, promising to make it a standout in the competitive market.

Raising over $300,000 from the start of the presale is a considerable achievement for a memecoin project. It shows that the community believes in its potential to diminish the influence of dog-like memecoins in an already highly competitive environment.

The MAOCAT team will soon announce more presale results, future features, and achievements. You can sure follow its evolution and learn more about the project at these links: Website | X (Twitter) | Telegram) | YouTube | Instagram